How To Transfer A Domain To GoDaddy

There are a multitude of reasons why the time may come for you to move your domain to another registrar, and it typically requires a few simple steps to complete.  Keep in mind that this process may differ depending on which registrar you are using. GoDaddy has been the face of elite domain purchasing and hosting for over two decades, and is a logical place to transfer your domain.  Their services personify ingenuity and represent the best outlet for domains and websites to flourish as intended. Luckily domain transfers can be conducted in a matter of minutes to ensure a fluent exchange from one registrar to another with no hiccups.    

Steps To Complete:

domain transfer stepsIf you are wondering how to transfer a domain to GoDaddy whether it be for your own account or for someone else, you are always going to need to start with your original registrar.


  1. The first thing you need to do is find the domain you want to move and unlock it.

  3. Upon unlocking, you will require a transfer key from your registrar.  This is also called an authorization code or EPP. It is prudent at this point to double check that the administrative email of this domain is accurate and up to date, as all confirmation and transfer related information will be forwarded there.

  5. Before moving to GoDaddy, you are going to have to cancel ‘Protected Registration’ if you had it with the previous registrar.

  7. On GoDaddy, a domain name transfer will have to be purchased.  This can be accomplished by navigating to Domains, followed by Transfer Domains.  Typing ‘domain name transfer’ in the search bar on GoDaddy can bring you here as well.  If the domain is unable to transfer for any reason, you will be notified swiftly.

  9. After you have purchased the transfer, a prompt will signal to you unlock the domain, if you have not already.  A text field also appears for you to enter in the authorization code you previously gathered from your old registrar.  From there, following the onscreen directions will hold your hand through completing the checkout process.

  11. GoDaddy will send the administrative contact an email asking for approval of the transfer.  Clicking the approval link provided will finish the transaction. It should be noted that the transfer process can take between 7 to 10 days to complete.

Be mindful of the process and be sure that you are not attempting to either move a domain to a separate GoDaddy account, or transfer a GoDaddy domain name to another registrar.  These are two entirely different tasks and are not interchangeable with transferring a domain to GoDaddy. If you are having trouble figuring how to transfer a domain to GoDaddy from another registrar, contact your original service to find out whether you are eligible for the process.

Why Is It Beneficial To Transfer Your Domain To GoDaddy?

Cost.  GoDaddy offers competitive pricing and frequently provides lower renewal costs to make sure money stays in your pocket.  Saving cash by transferring your domain can allow you to purchase additional domains, or cultivate the ones you already have.

Comfort And Convenience.  Recognized the world over, 17 million customers and counting enjoy the reliability and precision with which GoDaddy operates, with an emphasis on customer service.  Your domain name and hosting deserve to be protected by the best, if your previous registrar was not up to par.

Buying And Selling Domains.  GoDaddy Auctions represents a platform to make buying domains you covet or selling those you want to get rid of effortless, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  GoDaddy puts you in the best position to succeed by providing a more efficient aftermarket for selling domains. Additionally, with 20 years experience in this field, they are a trusted name that potential buyers recognize and respect.

Organization.  Each registrar’s panel differs to serve their needs as well as their customers.  GoDaddy is a well maintained, focused space to keep your domains organized no matter how big or small your campaign is.  It also grants users the opportunity to make it a centralized hub where all of their domain projects are in the same place, so incorporating endless other services and sites can be eliminated.

Accountability.  Though few and far between, issues can take place, regardless of whose fault it is.  GoDaddy educates and communicates to a degree few alternative registrars rival, and are constantly seeking to improve the user experience to be more streamlined, productive, and fun.   

What Is The 60 Day Transfer Lock?

Eligibility plays a role as to whether you can or cannot transfer your domain to GoDaddy (or anywhere for that matter), however this is standard and nothing to give you pause.  A 60 day ‘lock’ essentially means you are not allowed to transfer your domain if the following has taken place:

– You have recently registered or transferred the domain elsewhere
– You have updated the registrant contact’s organization
– An organization is not listed after you have updated the first or last name of the registrant contact

Some registrars allow an opt-out of the 60 day lock for registrants before changing the registrant request.  This is not required, and will vary by registrar. If you are looking to avoid the 60 day lock, it is advisable that you double check your domain activity and see if you have made any substantial changes.

What Is A Reason For Bypassing The 60 Day Lock?

Besides the obvious annoyance of having to wait to carry on with your domain at a new registrar, avoiding the 60 day lock is advantageous if the projects related to your website are time sensitive.  Not everyone has the luxury of waiting two months at a time to continue to be productive, and as such it would behoove you to inquire to your registrar if there are any preventative steps you should take to sidestep the lock altogether. Check out this more in depth post if you want additional information on the ICANN 60 day lock.


Transferring a domain to GoDaddy is a fruitful and rewarding endeavor that necessitates minimal effort, even for beginners.  The exercise can be performed fluidly without hassle with just a couple of clicks and a confirmation. It’s also a great thing to learn how to do if you’re going to be selling domain names like I teach in my course.