In a world run by digital technology and the internet, finding a domain name that works best for your business or your personal website is essential.

Your domain name often includes the name of your company, at least it should if you’re hoping to establish your brand and aim for brand consistency in your marketing strategies. In fact, domains are so important that some people actually try to find an available domain name before even naming their company or personal site.

No matter if you are an established business or a new blogger looking for the perfect domain name, you will find this article helpful. In it, you will learn about a few websites that can help you with domain research and purchasing, and you will also learn a few tips on how to find domain names.



It seems that, in this day and age, many people turn to search engines and the internet in general to help them when they have a problem that needs solving. Choosing your domain name is one problem that some of these websites can help you solve in no time.


LEANDOMAINSEARCH.COM makes finding available domains for your website easy. Simply visit the website, enter a word or words that you want to be included in your domain name, and hit “search.”

You will be instantly connected to often hundreds of website domains that are currently available. Simply find the one that you want and register with web hosts like TMDHosting, GoDaddy, or Namecheap to purchase the domain name.

This domain website is interesting because it also shows you if your domain name is available as a handle on Twitter. This can be useful as keeping your brand name consistent on your social media platforms can be essential in building your company or web page into a trusted brand that people look to for products, services, entertainment, and more.

This online tool can be essential in helping you find and purchase your website domains from a good domain names list. You can easily mix and match several keywords related to your business to come up with a unique domain name that will fit your company or personal preferences.



Another great online tool to help you generate unique website name ideas is This site works similarly to, but also allows you to check for your domain name with different TLDs including .com, .net, and .org.

You can also use the tool to help you find synonyms for the words in your desired domain name that may already be taken. But, if you want to make sure that certain words appear as options, you can use an asterisk after your desired word.

Good Domain Names ListAnother cool feature is the suggestion of hyphenated versions of your desired domain name. It can also suggest a “fun” version of your desired domain name by mashing together several keywords for an eye-catching and creative domain name suggestion.

The only potential downside is that you can only purchase these domains with when clicking on your desired domains. If you want to register the domain name at a different registrar you’d have to manually search for it there.

Although this is a down side in terms of ease of use, you can always find a good domain names list on my YouTube Channel.


INSTANTDOMAINSEARCH.COM is very similar to the two previous domain search engines listed above. You can easily find unique website name ideas by searching for words in your desired domain name.

One difference is that domain suggestions show up instantly as you type, giving you faster access to available domains. The ones that are taken are listed in red, green listings are available, and domains for sale are listed in blue.

Some other great features include a 99-cent domain name registration when you register your first .com name on and the option to download the iOS app to help you find the best domain names, even on the go.

Lastly, you can easily find more than 100 website domain name extensions like .online and .club, and you can even find ones that are specific to your country.


EXPIREDDOMAINS.NET is slightly different than the other domain help websites that have been listed so far. This website helps you to connect with hundreds of expired domain names as well as hundreds of other active domains. In fact, more in depth search features are available when you sign up for a free account.

You can still search for domain names, but you can choose to view domain lists, expired domains, or deleted domains. You will be able to learn a ton of information about the domain name just by viewing the results page. Some information you can learn will include the number of backlinks, SEOkicks, the birth year of the domain, and much more.

This site is unique in that it offers trouble-shooting and explanations on the home page, making it easy to find help in searching and purchasing domain names. The site is also very transparent and lets you know what has changed on the site in the “latest development” section of the website.

Lastly, the home page offers you a number of domain tools including the NameJet Most Active Mail Parser, the Camel Case Domain Names, and Related Domain Search.



This site is your one-stop online branding shop. It combines the useful domain name search feature that is offered by most of these sites with something that is equally as needed as a quality domain name: social media usernames.

Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there today. According to studies conducted around the world, nearly 2.34 billion people worldwide say that they use social media of some sort. Not only can you organically connect with thousands of customers or fans, you can also purchase ads for a relatively reasonable price.

How to Find Domain NamesWhen you log on to the site, you will see colorful cubes containing the logos of tons of popular social media sites or apps like YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, and many others.

You can use this tool to check if the username you are looking for is available, but you can also pay a $99 fee to let the staff reserve the usernames for you.

This site is the perfect way to help you find and reserve unique website name ideas and social media usernames all in one place!



Now that you know how to find domain names, you now need to know where the best place to purchase them is. allows you to find your domain name and purchase it.

Log on to the site and enter your desired domain name in the search box. When you click to search, you will find out if the .com version of your website is available. If it is taken, will suggest other domain names that are similar to what you’re looking for but are slightly changed either with different tlds or different domain names.

The price for each domain will be displayed. You then simply add the domain to your cart and purchase it! It’s as simple as that.

If in the future you want to try to sell your domain name, GoDaddy is ideal because they already have the number one established domain marketplace in the world. Users can list their domain names for sale to thousands of perspective buyers. This is something that sets GoDaddy apart from other registrars.

All of these websites can be used to help you find, purchase, and start using your desired domain name. Now, here are a few tips on choosing your domain name.



Now that you know how you can find available domain names, there are a few tips that you should consider before purchasing. These tips will help you connect easily with your customers while building your brand and brand trustworthiness.

To begin, try to keep your domain as simple as possible. You want the domain to be something that is easy to remember so that customers can search it without hassle or without the chance of them forgetting the domain name. You can try considering a fun domain name that is interesting and easily memorable so that your customers don’t forget it. To see some examples of domain names that I buy and sell check out my Marketplace listings.

You also want to make sure that your domain name has some keywords that relate back to your company name. This will be important for branding, as you don’t want to include a domain name on marketing materials when the name doesn’t really match up well with the name of the company and its other branding.

If possible, try to avoid extra characters like dashes and numbers in your domain name. Sometimes, this is necessary, but these characters are often easily forgotten. You could also connect a potential customer to your competition by doing this, so be careful!

Lastly, you can think about including the area, like the city or state you or your company is based in, to avoid adding unnecessary hyphens or numbers to find an available domain name. This can help target your fans or customers without confusing them.



So, as you can see, finding a domain name doesn’t have to be difficult. There are several websites that can connect you with available domain names, available social media usernames, and so much more. Additionally, there are more resources listed on my Resources page. Good luck in finding the perfect domain name for your business or company.