GoDaddy Domain Lock is one of the world’s most popular domain locating and purchasing websites, helping people and businesses everywhere find a domain that works perfectly for them and their web presence.

Securing a domain name is essential to the future of your business or personal site. This domain name will be used on business cards, marketing materials, in resumes, and much more. So, you’ve got to choose the right one.

But, whenever you transfer or register a domain through GoDaddy, or any registrar for that matter, you may have to deal with the GoDaddy domain lock enforced by ICANN. This feature, which might seem tedious to some, is essential to keeping your domain and account safe.

Here are a few things you need to know about the types of domain locks you may face and how you can avoid domain locks:

Why Is The Domain Lock Process Important?

Today’s world is bustling with technology and new advancements. While this can be great for companies and individuals alike, some take advantage of new knowledge and tech to harm others.

Domain locks are a security feature that can keep hackers from transferring your domain without your permission. Essentially, domain locks keep everyone and anyone from transferring or changing information related to your domain.

This security feature, while meant to keep bad people from taking advantage of you, can often lead to frustration when you’re just trying to flip domains and sell them to others for a quick profit.

What is the 60 day Lock Transfer Rule?

60 day lockWhenever you decide you want to transfer your domain, you will have to deal with ICANN’s 60 day lock transfer rule. This rule locks your domain for 60 days, during which it cannot be transferred to another account under a different registrar.

So, if you are someone who sells domains, you will have trouble doing so without irking your customer, who will now have to wait for 60 days to transfer or make changes to the domain. However, there is a work around which I’ll get to shortly.

If you find that your domain with GoDaddy is locked, your initial thought would be to contact the GoDaddy team to have them unlock it. But, unfortunately, the lock is required by ICANN, a non-profit organization that basically manages the internet. Breaking the policy would go against ICANN and the GoDaddy policies. To learn more about ICANN’s role in this lock you can visit here.

Not only will transferring lock your domain, so will making changes in the owner details portion. These details, which includes the name, company, or email address of the domain, could be changed by potential hackers who wish only to take control of your domain. That is why GoDaddy locks them.

How you can Avoid the 60 day Transfer Rule

As previously mentioned, the 60-day domain transfer rule can be difficult to work with if you’re a domain seller looking to make a little extra money selling domains quickly.

Luckily, GoDaddy has a perk that can remove the 60-day transfer rule completely. All you have to do is to transfer your domains internally. This means that, if the person you are selling to has a GoDaddy account, you won’t have to deal with the GoDaddy domain lock.

This is because GoDaddy is a safe and secure way to buy or sell domains. You won’t have to worry about losing your domain to a hacker or someone else with bad intentions. This rule also applies to internal transfers from NameCheap transfers to other NameCheap accounts or Uniregistry transfers to other Uniregistry accounts. It is not limited to just GoDaddy.

If you find that your domain is locked and you’re ready to transfer it, you must unlock your domain. Log on to your GoDaddy account and go to the domain settings page. From there, go to additional settings and click “edit” next to the domain lock. You can then toggle the lock/unlock button to meet your needs.

Why GoDaddy?

The GoDaddy domain lock security feature is one of the many reasons why it is important to have the person you are selling your domain name to register with GoDaddy. By choosing to go with GoDaddy, a respected and well-known domain name company, you will be able to painlessly transfer domains between GoDaddy accounts without locks.

Although most reputable companies offer this option, GoDaddy is the home to more domains than any place in the world. They have more information online about transfers than any other company as well as 24/7 support to help.

It may seem tempting to go with a smaller company that is running a deal on domain names. However, many sites that offer seemingly better deals often charge hidden fees like transfer fees and domain move fees which can really add up after a while. The standard transfer fee from one registrar to another usually is around $15 because an additional year of registration is tacked onto the domain name.

With GoDaddy, however, you simply have to purchase the desired domain name and you can transfer the domains to other GoDaddy users without any extra fees involved. This can help you turn a profit without requiring the people who buy from you to wait for 2 months before they can make changes and updates to their newly-purchased domain.

The domain lock and lock-free internal domain transfer features are only a few of the several reasons why GoDaddy is the best option for domain selling and purchasing.

GoDaddy, back in 2016, declared that it had already managed more than 60 million domain names and web hosting services. This can be attributed to the company’s competitive pricing, award winning service, and substantial marketing efforts.  The prices are affordable for businesses and individuals of all economic statuses, and the company often offers promotions that make web hosting or domain name purchasing tasks simple.

Additionally GoDaddy has taken it a step further with their efforts to support domainers by offering a special domain discount club with low registration and renewal rates for members with lots of domains.

The website is also very easy to use, so you don’t have to know everything about managing a domain to handle the domains you own. The domain manager helps you create and manage with ease!

These are just a few of the amazing GoDaddy features, and just a few of the several reasons why you should choose to sell and purchase domain names on instead of doing business on other sites that may be working against you.


As you start your journey to selling and buying domain names, try to get your buyers to join GoDaddy to get rid of that 60-day transfer lock and make transferring and flipping domain names for profit easier if the GoDaddy domain lock ever comes up during a deal.