Expired Domain Closeouts

During the domain name life cycle there are several unique phases. After a domain name expires it enters a phase where it goes to an expired auction phase. During this expired auction phase, it is open to public auction for roughly a 10-day time period. If no one purchases the domain name it then enters the closeout phase.

Prices During the Domain Closeout Phase

During the domain closeout phase the prices start at $11 plus the cost for a year of registration for the domain name. If you were to register the domain name with a company like GoDaddy however, you can use a discount coupon code to lower that amount by a few dollars.

Although the domain starts at $11 in the closeout section you can actually get them for cheaper, but it involves a waiting game. Each day the domain will drop in price. The price drop goes like this:

Day 1: $11
Day 2: $10
Day 3:   $9
Day 4:   $8
Day 5:   $5

After the fifth day at the $5 rate the domain name is no longer available for registration within the closeout sale section. Therefore, if you’ve got your eye on a domain name at this price it’s worth picking up because it won’t go down any further during the closeout phase. Domain names will likely be held before entering a phase of general registration available to everyone.

The price dropping waiting game can be risky because although most domains that make it to closeouts get down to the $5 price point, not all do. Some individuals spot a domain in the closeouts that they just have to own and purchase it right away without waiting around for someone else to scoop it up at just $5. I personally have done this with a few domains I really wanted badly.

Finding Hidden Gems

In the closeouts section there are definitely some hidden gems worth quite a bit from time to time. You just need to remember that it often takes a lot of sorting to find. I say this because many individuals who look at the expiring domains lists daily didn’t scoop it up or completely missed it. The odds of this happening aren’t great, and because of this I always find myself second guessing things before jumping at a domain in closeouts.

The best way to find domains in the closeout section is by using the advanced filters on ExpiredDomains.net. Within the GoDaddy closeouts section you are able to search for a variety of domain extensions, sort by number of characters, numbers, languages, and so much more with these filters!

Now, as a fair warning there are many expiring domain names that sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and every day. This makes it much more competitive, and less likely that a great domain like that gets to closeouts to begin with.

Advice on Purchasing Closeout Domains

As I mentioned these domain names made it to the closeout section without being picked up by anyone else for $12 during the expired phrase of the domain name life cycle. This generally means that they might not be the highest quality domain names available.

The old saying you get what you pay for holds true here. If you’re able to pick up the domain name for $5 you likely will have a cap on how much you can really sell it for. I don’t want to put specific numbers out there because there are always outliers, but there is a cap.

My advice would be to search for domains a week or so out from their final auction date and time and favorite them on GoDaddy to watch them throughout the week. By doing this you’ll be able to track them and get a good feel for the likelihood and caliber of domain names that make it to the closeout phase.

I do not say all of this to discourage you or deter you from picking up domains at closeout. I regularly participate in closeouts and pick domains up from there. However, I also know that it’s often difficult to sell these domain names later on, and that many people get caught up in picking up way to many closeout domain names.

Looking for Expiring or Closeout Domains?

On my YouTube channel I regularly post about expiring domain names as well as names at closeout. Additionally, I also go over them within my domain course’s private Facebook group as well. If this is something that interests you take a look at the videos on YouTube and see which closeout and expiring domain names I find interesting each week. It might help you to get a better idea of what level of domains are at each from day to day.